Dine with Your Dog: Scorpion Bay Grill

Story and Photos Alice Cohen-Ruffell
Story and Photos Alice Cohen-Ruffell

It was a lovely spring day. Rover was enjoying the early warmth and humans were hoping that the line for the dog friendly patio at Scorpion Bay wouldn’t be too long. Lucky, we were soon seated at the water’s edge enjoying the view over Lake Pleasant and being entertained by some of the local wildlife.

Joe’s Fish and Chips

The place was jammed with happy diners and drinkers, several of whom had their dogs with them. All of the wait staff rushed off their feet as they were, remained friendly and helpful, and made sure Rover got some water. A nice touch was the faux grass mats for the dogs. Attached to the fencing beside the mats was a shortish leash, which could be hooked up to Rover’s collar. It made sure that Rover couldn’t stray too far from his spot beside us on his grassy mat.

Since it wasn’t quite lunch or dinner, the four of us decided on a couple of orders of Loaded Potato Skins, a side salad, and one dish of Joe’s Fish and Chips. The skins were chock-full of cheddar, bacon, sour cream, and green onions. They were as tasty as they looked. The hot, crispy Joe’s Fish and Chips got a thumbs-up from everyone who was lucky/quick enough to get a taste!

Colorful Salad with potatoe skin

Colorful Salad with potato skin

People around us were enjoying various sandwiches and salads, all looking good enough to make us want to try them. It would be best to arrive for off-peak hours if you’re bringing your dog to this popular spot, or you might be in for a wait.

Mid-afternoon ‘snack-meal’ for four, plus drinks, tax, and tip: $42.

Open 7 Days a Week Monday to Thursday 11am – 5pm
Friday 11am – 9pm Saturday 9am – 9pm, Breakfast until 11am
Sunday 9am – 7pm, Breakfast until 11am
Phone: 928-501-3440



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