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We welcome Fall with open arms, the dogs are excited to play outside and the cold tap water is cool!

MCACC rejoins us as the cover story this issue, as they were originally in September 2016.  What a difference a year makes! We are excited to share some of the major changes MCACC has enacted in the past 12 months.  The playing cover dogs tell much of the story!   

Our pet community is wonderful, it is such a thrill and honor to see the stories come together each issue.  Dogs and animals are so entwined in our culture, and touch our lives in unexpected ways.  We get to bring you some amazing stories that will touch your heart.  Did you know the County Attorney’s office employs three full time dogs and handlers to help victims get through their court experience?    

The new event season comes with the cool weather!  The Event Calendar is filled with fun, dog-related activities.  There is something for everyone, from adoptions to golf to Mutt Masquerades!   Our Facebook Events calendar has these and even more ways to enjoy the canine community.  We’ll be at many of them, hope to see you there!

Sonoran Desert Toads, aka Colorado River Toads, are the topic of our Health article this issue.  Luckily, I’d read the story just before Chance, my turbo Beagle, found a large 7” toad on the patio.  Being the hunter that his is, he attempted to grab it.  I rinsed his mouth out after wrestling him off the toad.   Thank goodness, Chance was fine.  Two nights later he caught another huge one (maybe the same one?) and brought it INTO THE HOUSE!!  Now I feel sorry for the toad!   The toad was escorted out and hopped off; Chance, again, had his mouth rinsed and showed no ill effects.  That is luck, and one tough little dog!

Roxie says she’s excited for Fall!  More road trips and visiting friends, and fewer hot cars. Cars can still get really hot for the next few months though, so she reminds us to not leave our dogs in the car.  Remember the Hot Car bill that just went into effect!       

You may notice the change of our Phoenix Dog logo on the cover, and the addition of our Cool Products and Showcase sections.  Please let us know if you like them! 

All of us at PDM value and appreciate our advertisers and sponsors, who help make it possible to create this magazine.  Their support is support of our pet community, and their ads make us all smile!  Let them know you saw them in the PHOENIX DOG!

Enjoy the Fall and tail wags to all,

Cathy Davila and Roxie,

Publisher and Best Friend

The Pet Poison Helpline is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (855) 764-7661

Don’t Leave Me in the Car!

  • Never Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car
  • Parked cars quickly trap the sun’s heat. Even on a day when it’s 70 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car with all the windows closed can hit 90 degrees in just 10 minutes.
  • On a hot day, the temperature inside a closed car can shoot as high as 116 degrees in the same amount of time.
  • Leaving the windows open a crack doesn’t eliminate the danger of heatstroke or death.
  • Animals can sustain brain damage or even die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes.

If you see a dog in a hot car do this:

  • Stay with the dogs until help arrives
  • Record information about the vehicle (make, model. Color and license plate number)
  • Alert the management of the business
  • Call 911

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