Editorial Submission Guidelines

The Phoenix Dog magazine is proud to be the community pet magazine in Maricopa County, celebrating the pet lifestyle, and supporting animal non-profits. We welcome writer and photographer submissions throughout the year, although any issue themed or seasonal material should be submitted four months in advance. We appreciate pet lovers, animal professionals, businesses and non-profits that improve the lives of people and pets, who can contribute to our audience’s reading experience. If you are interested in submitting a story for an issue in our publication, please read these Writer’s Guidelines before submitting to optimize both your writing and submission process.

  • We appreciate a conversational, creative and engaging writing style versus a more news/journalistic tone. Please familiarize yourself with the various departments and features in this issue for a good example of the magazine’s tone and style. Browse the Phoenix Dog Media Kit. Inside you will find our mission and demographic information about our audience. With this knowledge, you can best tailor your article for the appropriate target audience, ultimately resulting in a more effecting and engaging article. The media kit also provides a tentative editorial calendar including the theme of each month’s magazine.
  • If you are a writer and would like us to consider your feature idea, please send us a brief query letter outlining your topic, as well as possible interview contacts, any available hi-res images (300dpi saved as jpg files), sidebar ideas and any other relevant information. Please provide a brief bio and a couple of published clips for review. If you do not have any clips, please submit the entire article on spec for review. (When writing on spec, please understand that you are not yet writing for Phoenix Dog and, therefore, cannot represent yourself as writing for or in conjunction with Phoenix Dog when approaching sources or leads.)
  • If you are interested in writing for one of our regular departments, or would like to be considered for article assignments, please send us a brief letter indicating your writing experience and areas of interest/expertise, a brief bio and a couple of relevant published clips for review. If you do not have any clips, please submit two relevant writing samples between 600-1200 words each for review.
  • Please note that our issue content is decided several months in advance; therefore, please submit seasonal material 4 months ahead of time. If we are interested in working with you, we will reply by email. Please note that we are not able to reply to all queries or submissions.
  • Provide a headline and author bio for your article. Include a 50 word or less author bio noting credentials at the end of the story. A website for more information may also be included if applicable. Also include writer’s phone number and other contact information of sources for fact checking.
  • Formatting. All articles must be submitted in .doc (Word) format as email attachments. Please format the article single space, left justification. No additional text treatment (caps, bold, ital, specialized fonts etc.) is necessary.
  • Article length. Feature articles reach up to 700 words but must be preliminarily approved by the editor prior to submission. Half page articles reach up to 450 words, with less words being preferable. Accompanying high-resolution artwork is appreciated with proper permission for usage and credit given.
  • All articles being submitted to Phoenix Dog must be original. This means that your work must be authentic and specifically written for the Phoenix Dog magazine. We occasionally allow re-published work or work that has appeared in other places — as long as you are the sole copyright holder and you have permission to re-use your work. Collages of various writing (plagiarism) are also not permitted.
  • Promotion. Self-promotion or business promotion, either the writer’s or others, is not permitted. Businesses may be referenced and business owners used as sources for their expertise but any stories that read as advertisements, self-serving, or factually questionable will not be considered. Personal relationships with sources should be disclosed to the editor.
  • Phoenix Dog reserves the right to edit your article. This includes length, style, content, etc.
  • Submission does not guarantee publication. Articles may be held for a variety of reasons including space and theme considerations. Consult directly with the editor to determine status of your submission.
  • Compensation. Phoenix Dog does not monetarily compensate for published submissions at this time. Please note that we are a grassroots, community labor-of-love. If you’d like to become a regular PDM freelance writer, you won’t get rich, but you will receive great clips and exposure, contribution to a meaningful cause, and reasonable compensation. Articles and accompanying images written for and published by Phoenix Dog become the property of Phoenix Dog and may be reprinted in part or entirety in a variety of print and/or digital media.
  • Before writing for Phoenix Dog, please download the PDF documents below in order to familiarize yourself with our tone and style:
    Writer’s Guidelines + Style Sheet (coming soon)