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Product reviews are not paid for, we think these items will make life better for pets and people.

What do you get for the high drive dog that has everything? The Tether Tug is a tugging toy that offers exercise and enough excitement to ensure a dog is engaged. Save your arms and back, give your dog the gift of tug-of-war any time of the day! It comes in sizes for small to giant pets! Supervising the play time is recommended, and what a fun show! PDM readers get 20% off! Use code PDM20 at

Indoor cats who love to climb can be challenging. Here is a fun cat habitat that looks great and will be your cat’s hangout! The components connect together; this picture is of the starter kit. It has a cat pouch, food station and scratching board! You can keep the cat food away from the dogs in style! The quality is wonderful, so we think it will make everyone happy!
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Many service dogs are trained to make a call when needed, but one trainer took this to the next level. The trained dog (or child) presses the button once with a paw or nose, and the system will dial up to five preset numbers until someone answers. The answering party can press * for
two-way communication. PDM thinks this can be a great help for many people who rely on their dogs in emergency situations.

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