2018 Phoenix Dog Cover Contest!

Young or old, big or little, pure bred or mutt-medley, we think ALL dogs are beautiful!

We are on a mission to find our next Cover Dog! Is your dog ready for his or her close-up?

To enter, find Phoenix Dog Magazine’s booth at the events listed below and get your dog’s picture taken! One semi-finalist will be chosen from each event to compete in the final round.

The 2018 Cover Dog winner will be selected in May to receive a professional photo session and appear on the COVER of Phoenix Dog Magazine’s July 2018 issue.

Cover Dog Search #1
Congrats semi-finalist Terra, owned by Tiffany Hughes!

Terra is a 7-year-old Australian Shepherd who is wicked, smart and sassy! She originally came to her owner, Tiffany, through a friend in need of training the high-energy pooch and a bond was soon made. Today Terra is a skilled herder who has her Novice Trick Dog title and is a registered Canine Good Citizen.

Terra and Tiffany love to explore new places throughout the Valley and go on long hikes, especially in the cooler months. Her guilty pleasures are Starbuck’s Puppachinos, de-stuffing her stuffed toys and wriggling around on her back making grumbling noises to get her hooman’s attention!

Follow Terra and her pack on Instagram: @tiffanysdiamonddogs

Cover Dog Search #2
Congrats semi-finalist Bella, owned by Rick Waldinger!

Bella is a sweet 8 ½-year-old Wheaten Terrier mix who first met her owner, Rick, as a foster in Chicago. While only four at the time, Bella had already been in two homes and was eager to find her furr-ever family. Even though Rick initially thought it would be a temporary relationship, it only took one day for him to realize they were meant to be the very best of friends!

Now a happy Phoenix resident, Bella can’t get enough of chasing lizards or cooling off in the pool. She is a regular at OHSO and Old Town Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, and is incredibly welcoming to all she meets, especially kids! But be careful with food around Bella – she’s been known to snag a steak off the table or chicken off an unattended plate given the opportunity (but who can blame her?!)

Cover Dog Search #3 
Congrats semi-finalist Atlas, owned by Stephanie Hinden!

Atlas is a spunky Min Pin mix who fell in love with his owner, Stephanie, during a Maricopa County Animal Care and Control adoption fair a few years ago. Stephanie had just moved to Arizona without knowing a soul and was looking for a small companion to keep her company and help socialize in her new surroundings. When she saw Atlas, she knew it was love at first sight.

Stephanie helped Atlas overcome his separation anxiety and build his confidence, and in turn, Atlas helped Stephanie meet new people as they explored dog-friendly establishments restaurants like OHSO Paradise Valley, Snooze at Kierland Commons and Postino.

Today Atlas is one popular pup who enjoys splashing around the water fountains at his favorite dog parks with friends, playing with his squeaky toys or flirting with his girlfriend, Shirley. He is the epitome of a shelter dog’s “who saved who?” motto by helping his owner build a life in Phoenix.

Follow Atlas on Instagram: @atlastheminpin


WHO WILL GRACE OUR NEXT COVER ISSUE? Stay tuned to find out!